Group of passionate fans of Argentine Tango that promotes events in Noci (a city in Province of Bari - Apulia - Italy).


The promoters of the group are Sandro Ciulli and Paola De Venezia, two tango dancers who wish to spread this culture in their territory.




Because it is the place where Sandro and his family were born and have lived for centuries.

Because it is a small and pleasant village in Apulia, area full of trulli (domed-shaped buildings) and ancient farms.

Because it's a place rich in traditions, wonderful people and friendships.

Because who ever arrives in Noci immediately senses the warm embrace of its people.

Because in Noci there is a delicious food and even better drink.

Because in Noci we feel at home and organizing an event here is like inviting everybody to our house.




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