AMARRAS the Tango we love! Our tango, that one of strong emotions, the one where you get lost in ecstasy in an embrace, the tango without borders, without age and without prejudice.


Amarras = moorings


To melt the moorings and get lost in three dream days on the shores of Lake Maggiore being lulled gently by the notes of a song wisely chosen by our DJs.


The Tango we love, the one made of respect, of good taste, the tango that embraces and welcomes you.


We are three pairs of organizers, dancers and djs and we felt the need to create an event to share the best of our experience, we invite you to spend with us a weekend of quality tango. 


We will have at our disposal a historic room directly overlooking Lake Maggiore, the Manzoni Hall of Lesa, with fantastic parquet that will make dance 160 friends from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening.


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