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Group of passionate fans of Argentine Tango that promotes events in Noci (a city in Province of Bari - Apulia - Italy).


The promoters of the group are Sandro Ciulli and Paola De Venezia, two tango dancers who wish to spread this culture in their territory.

Sandro Ciulli


Known also as Sandro Nocitango, a Tango dancer, who is fluent in Spanish and knows the Argentine culture thanks to his life and work experience in Argentina. .

A genius and imaginative organizer of parties and summer events where he cares deeply for the ambience to recreate the Buenos Aires atmosphere and habits. He has organized many parties creating suggestive and unforgettable scenarios, such as the night dedicated to the memory of Carlos Gavito, in the square of Noci, the Moulin Rouge party, the 2200 party, ChocolateTango, the Melon party (Tanguriata), Gitan Tango, Hawaiian Tango and the Night of the falling stars.

Paola De Venezia

Known as Paola Nocitango, a Tango dancer who lived and worked in Argentina, fond of the music and in particular, Tango music. She has quickly become a well known and apreciated tango dj.

She is often invited to play music in milonga by different Apulian tango associations because of her ability to generate energy and excitement on the floor. She played music during grand tango sessions merging with groups of famous musicians, and many festivals and encuentros in Italy and Europe.

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