Not only a name of an event, but real THE SPIRIT of this place!


10 year ago when we started to organize Peace&Love we had the idea to share our Home with tango friends to spend some days together with a spirit of sociality and love very strong. 

We would like to create a „tangobubbledream“ where service, perfection and luxury is not most important. What is important to everybody is to participate in the Peace&Love Bubble. We enjoy taking care of each other and invite everybody to do so too. Share the dance, the laughter, the joy, even tears of happiness.

Don't use it, don't waste it but love it. 

We want to breath peace, we want to breath love, we want to share all we have and the best thing we have is our friends share yourself... 


BUT this year we would like to add something else...

We hope it will be always a paradise weekend in the apulien summer: meeting, dancing, chatting, hugging, eating typical local food, drinking aperol and apulien wine, sitting durign the night at the fireplace, enjoying the calm of nature around, swimming in the nicest pool ever and of course relaxing and dancing.....


We hope to introduce new friends: the new friends will give to our bubble fresh oxigen to fly high, maybe new tango people power. We hope to welcome them in the best way and with some funny ideas.

So please invite your new tango friends to join us!


Do you like this idea/spirit? 

Then register and let’s meet for another nice edition of Peace&Love. 

We are happy to meet you in Noci 

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