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In 2010 he approaches the danced tango and over time he deepens his knowledge of music and orchestras. This led him to start in 2014 his experience as a musicalizador in several milongas in Puglia, before being invited as a DJ to the milongas of central -southern Italy (Salon Baires in Naples, Milonga Sentimental in Rome etc.) and in events like the Pescara Tango Festival and the Encuentro Salento Milonguero of Lecce. He is also co-organizer of the Tango meeting in the Tremiti Islands: "Tremititango". About him he says: "when I propose music I never forget that the musicalizador must be at the service of the dancers and I always try to keep high the energy of the track ; generally in milongas I never pass tandas that I personally wouldn't dance ”. Therefore his selections draw mainly from the great orchestras of the ‘30s and ‘40s, with some excursions in the ‘ 50's, always attentive to a correct alternation of rhythm and melody, in order to create "that invisible wave" that accompanies the dancers during the milonga.



 OLGA MAKHNO - (Lithuania)


She started DJing in 2009 and this year is an anniversary. She prefer traditional music at milonga with tandas and cortinas.

At her DJ-set She follows to one simple rule - music must make dancers happy and keep them at the dance floor.

She said: "Italy is the special place for me and I play tango here with great pleasure. And dance, of course, too))".

She was DJ on different kind of events in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Italy and Lithuania.






Paola has been a tango dancer for over 15 years and quite soon she has become an appreciated tdj, under the name of "Paola Nocitango". In the past she lived and worked in Argentina. She has always been fond of music and, over the years, tango was her favourite one. 

She is often present in the milongas organized by the various Italian and European associations as well as in many encuentros and marathons.

She has a careful and sensitive attitude to the tastes and desires of the dancers she loves to interact with and who give her inspiration and essential stimulus during the milonga. She is known for the energy that she succeeds in creating in her evenings ... immediately it is "Fiesta!"



ALAN SPOTTI - (Italia)


Already a long time dancer, the passion for music led him to begin his activity as a DJ in 2005, from there a journey made of careful study of music led him to find his very personal style.

"How do my evenings take place? .. say that there is no rule, I really like playing with the energy of the dance floor , with the right alternation of fast and slow, sentimental and fun .. trying to get a good wave and involving at most the dancers ... 




JASMIN TAGNO - (Austria)


He said: "I’m in love with tango music and there is lots of passion for what I’m doing. 

During my Dj set the most important for me is to trust my feelings while choosing every tanda and cortina. 

My task is to create the best danceable mood and use the energy of the dance floor to get more and more inspiration."







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