Elena T - Tango clothing

ElenaT, is an Italian trade mark of tango clothing.

Its collections are entirely hand made, piece by piece, with the same passion and intensity expressed in tango.


Its premises are in Genova, where customers are received by appointment only; its collections are shown and sold in some high quality events.


Elena T has two collections: a basic one, with garment designed for informal milongas, classes or practicas, and a  more elegant collection with exclusive garment, reproducible in different colours and fantasy.  




Entonces T-Shoes 

Il Made in Italy that makes the difference!


Entonces T-Shoes derives from a deep passion in Tango born and developed over the past few years in the Italian capital of Argentine Tango: Torino.

Entonces T-Shoes is a firm where the expertise of shoe-makers meets the precious advise of long-date dancers.

His style is at the same time elegant and minimal with a high attention to simplicity and functionality.

Entonces T-Shoes have a sole in antistress-latex foam that gives them an ergonomic shape from tip to toe and that soften them for their entire life.




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