From June 16 to 19 there will bere in Noci two fantastic dancers and wonderful teachers


they will organize during the day tango lessons and

EVERY NIGHT from 21.00 we will dance together in the circus tent, Milongas are open for all Maja and Marco alumns but not only!
Foundation of close embrace Tango is built on close embrace.
In this lesson we will cover important elements that help us build and keep a comfortable and elegant close embrace: posture, contact, symmetry, balance, etc. Pimp up my ocho cortado In this lesson we will take this well known figure and spice it up in different ways. We’ll play with various embellishments, rhythms and exits.
Milonguero variations In this lesson we’ll teach you 2 fun step combinations in close embrace, perfect for interpreting the more rhythmic and/or energetic part of the song (e.g. a variation).
Both combinations can be easily adapted to any amount of space which makes them great for (crowded) milongas. Quebrada In this lesson we will show you one of our favourite figures which also comes in very handy at crowded milongas. Besides great circular energy you will also enjoy different starting and exiting steps, and embellishments. Music is king Here we will teach you one of our most important concepts: connection through music. Whether you are looking for more connection to your own movement, need to improve the connection with the partner or want to work on connecting with other couples, music is key.  Rebounds for all occasions This fun repetitive combination of small steps is exactly what you’ve been missing for that perfect interpretation. We will start with small rebounds and connect them into a playful sequence. This will create new challenges both for the leader and the follower.
For the friends registerd to Peace&Love that will partecipate event to this second weekend the entry fee for the Milongas will be €10 per night, for all the others guest will be €15.
In order not to exceed the maximum capacity, please book your participation for this second weekend evening milongas. Here you find the link to register:
To book your group tango lessons and private ones with the teachers we will let you know very soon. 


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