Wolfgang has been dancing with great enthusiasm, passion and musicality since 2006.

He started DJ-ing because he wanted to delve even deeper into the music.


The danceable music of the 30s and 40s has his preference.

His aim is to create a beautiful and harmonious energy throughout the milonga.






She has been a passionate dancer for almost 12 years. 

With the name of DOÑA TIZIANA, she started played music over 5 years ago. Her repertoire goes from the ‘30s to the early ‘50s, with a focus in the ‘40s, that she considers the most expressive period of tango.

Her high sensitivity in monitoring the ballroom and the dancers allows her to create energy and the “buena onda”, shifting dynamic pieces to more intimate ones, searching constantly for giving back to the ball room the energy received.


She is one of Trio  NOCITANGO and with the association she organises different events among which: Encuentro Milonguero TanGOaGOGO (Verbania- Italy), Avventura Milonguera Peace & Love in Noci (Ba-Italy), Belen Milonguero in Matera (Italy), Raduno Milonguero Nocitango some traditional milongas.

She is invited to play music in Apulia, in Italy and in some international events. 



Here is what Alejandro says about himself: "My role of the Dj has always been to catch the mood and energy of the dancers and be part of creating the atmosphere at the milonga.


Tango for me is focusing on the music, the embrace and the ronda. During my sets my goal is to use the music in a way that gives you energy, inspiration and smooth variations. It gives me great pleasure to see dancers on a crowded dance floor enjoying a tanda together."



Paola NociTango, tango dancer, has lived and worked in Argentina, music lover and particularly of tango music, she is well soon become one appreciated tdj. Often present in the milongas organized by the various apulian associations, She is known for the energy that she succeeds in creating in her evenings. Careful and sensitive to the tastes and desires of the dancer with which she loves to interact and that are inspiration and essential stimulus during the milonga.

Tdj in various Encuentros Milongueros but not only, as : Largo Encuentro di Porto St. Elpidio (Italy) , Lisbona (Portugal) “A Promotora”, Milyonguero 2” di Lione (France), “Juntos” di Sainte Colombe (France), “Tutto in un abbraccio” Cagliari (Italy), “Dans tes bras” Paris (France), “Ecuentro Milonguero Kehl” Kehl (Germany),  “La Parada” Padova (Italy), “El Tangone” Lyon (France), “Mirame” Grau du Roy (France),”Retiro Milonguero” Faro (Portugal), “Abrazos de Corazones” Moosburg (Austria), “Encuentro de Brujas” Bruges (Belgium), “Spoleto Milonguera” Spoleto (Italy), “Te quiero Lisboa” Lisbon (Portugal), “La Sabauda” Turin (Italy), “Encuentro Porteño” Amsterdam (Holland), “Dias de Juventud” Lubiana (Slovenia), “Encuentro Boca Antwerp” Antwerp (Belgium), “El Rey del Compass” Arles (France), "Riga Embrace 8" Riga (Latvia) ……

She is one of Trio  NOCITANGO and one of the organizer of Encuentro Milonguero TanGOaGOGO (Verbania- Italy), Avventura Milonguera Peace & Love in Noci (Ba-Italy), Belen Milonguero in Matera (Italy).




"I started dancing in 2006, I naturally came to dj-ing tango in 2010 and I have become more involved and passionate since .
I'm a resident DJ at Le Petit Patio (2011-2017) and at La Fabrica (2011-2017) where I hosted more than 100 milongas.
I also played at various festivals : Milonga des 4 saisons (Sisteron), Festival international de Meze (Meze), Nuits Tanguera Tango en Luberon (Cadenet), La Griseta (Montpellier, x2), Mirame (Grau du Roi), La reunion Milonguera (Venezia), Paris Capod'Anno (Paris), En tus Ojos (Marseille).
Some venues where I frequently played : Marseille: Fabrica, Petit Patio, les Trottoirs de Marseille, L'Opéra, La Rue du Tango, Le Passage, L’Éolienne, Stage de Carlos Espinoza avec Carrément Tango, etc. Montpellier: La Pituca, La Marlita, La Milonga du Musée. Paris: Le Chantier Nimes, La Milonga Del Angel, La Griotte au Balcon Aix, Aix en Tango (Dario et Claire Da Silva). Avignon: Tango Meeting (L'ilot Tango), stage de musicalité Victor Simon. Cagnes Sur Mer, La linda Sommières, Milonga du Moulin La Garde, Tango Bleu Arles, European Tango Djing festival: El Rey Del Compas.

We started the El 13 Tango Club with three other DJs from Marseille. It became one of the first Djing Tango Association. The goal of this group is to play better music at milongas, using radio and podcast :
http://www.el13tangoclub.com/index.php/fr/radio organization of major events centred around music, like the European Djing Tango Tango "El Rey Del Compas" in Arles (South France), that we created, promotion of restoration of old, inaudible songs.

My program is both large and classical from 30’s to 50’s, my intention is always to follow the pulse of the milonga. I wish to balance the tandas, between tonicity and softness, with one goal: thrill the dancers.”




He lives in Sarzana (La Spezia), where he started playing music in October 2010. His sessions are influenced by his previous experience as a jazz player and his personal long music training. Over the years he has experienced to be more and more in tune, in a constructive dialogue, with the dancers. His music selection develops into tandas y cortinas, according to the porteña  tradition with pieces of Classic Tango mainly of the period from the '30s to the '50s. 

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